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Our Production Process

Neoprene, our main asset

To build the skeleton of the products, the choice fell on the recovered neoprene, collected in France from individuals and professional partners who wish to part with it. It is generally destined for the trash, due to the lack of an existing recycling circuit, and follows 2 unglamorous paths: it is either buried or burned.
So we decided to bypass this process and transform this material.
The suits are collected, cleaned and cut to build the structure of the covers. The material being resistant, relatively thick and waterproof, its properties are well adapted for the protection of golf clubs.

Recycled fabric, our design ally

To give the brand a striking design and put our creative stamp on it, we had to be imaginative. Neoprene does not hold the impression on the long term, we decided to reinforce it by a mixture of recycled fabric composed of organic cotton, polyester and a touch of elastane. This choice allows us creative freedom and ESPECIALLY to exploit the maximum surface of our recovered suits.

Zero waste, our end goal

In order to reach a zero waste objective, we have found a French partner to whom we will give the neoprene scraps from our production. The ultimate goal of our approach is that (almost) nothing is lost but that everything is transformed. And if we can't do it at all levels of our production for the moment, we keep it well anchored in a corner of our mind.

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