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Our Story

Where it all started

In July 2020, while looking for a piece of clothing in a closet, Twirl's founder, Matthieu, found a slightly forgotten surf suit... And he wonders: what happens to all these old wetsuits?
After some research, he realized that when they can't be repaired, they often end up in the garbage. 32 tons of them are thrown away every year in France, because of the lack of recycling circuit. So, how to re-use them, give them a second life and avoid this fatality? In search of an existing material to create the first products, the neoprene of wetsuits appears as a partner of choice. Its resistant, protective and waterproof properties are perfect for the protection of golf clubs.

Where does Twirl come from

We didn't tell you about the choice of the word 'twirl' pour notre marque, si ? Originally, the 'club twirl' is a rather stylish gimmick that some golfers do after a really good shot. In its literal translation, 'twirl' means 'rotation' or 'tournoiement'. As we operate in a circular economy and try to leave as little environmental impact as possible behind, we thought it was a rather fitting brand identity choice.

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